Shelfie Love

I love home accessories and I love shelves in my home! So home accessories on shelves is just 😘

I have quite a few sets of shelves around my house now and I just wanted to share with you some of my faves!

This tall Ikea Hemnes bookcase lives in my front room. We have a matching sideboard and TV unit, all as full as this one! 

The bottom shelf is full of Nancys books. On ths top shelf are some of my favourite DVDs. The middle shelves are full of what JC calls ‘stuff’. I have a nodding mickey mouse which I got from Disney Florida, copper pieces which include a star, a pot and a magazine case and my 1st owl accessory!

Two floating white Ikea shelves live above my downstairs loo. These shelves are for holiday souvenirs. We have shot glasses from Mexico and rattles from the Dominican Republic. I love looking at these and thinking back to holiday memories!

I also have some smaller white floating Ikea shelves above my bath. I got this idea of Pinterest. Again its full of ‘stuff’. I have been collecting a few tealight holders and glass objects to add to them. I also have a porcelin fish that I was given by my nan, as well as an artificial plant. 

So there you go . . . A few shelfies from around my house. Hope you enjoy having a peek!

Luv Kayley


A little monthly Treat

Over the last 3 or 4 years I have tried many subscription boxes that were beauty themed. But having alot of samples and recieved alot of products which I never used, I wanted a change. 

I still wanted a monthly subscription box as I enjoy getting parcels in the post, especially suprise ones. Just not beauty related. So I went on a search and came across Treatbox UK.

Treatbox UK include anything from signs for your home to sweet or even stationary to jewellery.

I have recieved 3 so far 😁 which are shown in my pictures. 

My first had a nautical theme where i got a sign which says ‘mermaid kisses and satrfish wishes’ which goes great in my batbroom and a little braclet with a mermaid pendant which i wear on my ankle. Also in the box was another nautical sign, a little sailboat, a stick of rock and a notepad, plus a shopper bag. 

My second box was very girly and pink. It included a flamingo print, a pineapple pin and an embroided pineapple and flamingo which you can saw onto anything. Plus, some amazing smelling wax melts, watermelon sweets, a succulent print, a pencil case and some amazing party straws!

My most recent box was sweet themed and included a party ring coaster, a tea towel, magnets, clipper tea, a tea themes print, a biscuit and a meal planner! Plus, a cake recipe card. 

I absolutely love this box. Great themes and some really unique pieces. Love the suprise when it arrives. Its just so different to those i got before.

Oooo I almost forgot, each month Treatbox send you an email that has a teaser of whats to come plus a printable wallart print!

Each box costs only £12.95. If your interested please check out

I will keep you updated on future boxes 😁

Luv Kayley


you Beauty Box March

The March you Beauty Box was named The Best of British! This was to be my last you Beauty Box as I like to swap to different boxes to try new things, so I had my fingers crossed for some good selections!

skinade Drink Travel Sachet – I reveived 2 samples of the skinade drink. Its a skincare drink that you add to water which nourishes your skin from the inside. It had a citrus taste when with water. But I cant really comment on if it works or not as I dont think 2 drinks did anything! A 30 day course costs £105 so its not probably something I would try again as I couldnt guarantee I would actually get anything for it. Nice to try though! 

eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – I love an eyeliner thats like a felt tip and this one was especially good as it was not to thick and also draw on very easily! It is an absolute black and it lasts all day without fading. Definitly a repurchase! Below is my everyday look using the eyeko Skinny Eyeliner on the top!

Katherine Daniels Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make Up Remover – I may have mentioned in a previous post that I am a user of micellar waters. My go to is usually the pink Garnier one, but I like trying others. This water was great on waterproof makeup and even removed some makeup when I thought I had taken it all off! It didnt leave my skin too dry which is a bonus but it does have a slight floral smell which is nice but my skin can be very sensitive to floral things!

MONU Eye Cool Gel – MONU describe this is an all round miracle that leaves your eyes brighter and skin rejuvenated. The gel reduces puffiness and dark circles, whilst lifting and correcting skin tone! Luckily Im not prone to circles or puffiness so I have not used this gel to its proper use. But I have found it great after taking my makeup off after a long day on my laptop! 

The Hero Project Vit C-30 Ultra Brightening Serum – A vitamin C serum that helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles. I have only used once so far and I put on before bed. It has a dry oil texture and left my skin very smooth. However, it played havoc with my “adult acne”. 

I am sad that this was my last you Beauty Box. But i an sure I will be back! 

Luv Kayley 


Rare Breeds in Kent

I have had a full week off this easyer holidays, as has JC and we have days out planned for Nancy nearly everyday! 

Our first trip was to Rare Breeds which is a petting farm type centre with alot of countryside around. Prices are £10.75 for an adult and £9.50 for a child! We have been before so knew we would have a good day, plus with Nancy only being 4, she cant remember too much of it! 

Rare Breeds have a great selection of animals for children (and adults) to touch, including goats, rabbits, piglets, cows and ferrets! My favourite was seeing all the sheep and baby lambs in the lambing house! Nancy loved the giant pigs snoring in the mud. 

As I mentioned, Rare Breeds is set in the counteyside so there is alot of land to venture through. We went for the blue route which is the longest but it helped me get my 10,000 steps! 

We ventured theough the bluebells, found the Rainbow Wood and even discovered a little frog! Nancy enjoyed being the leader and finding the blue arrows to find the path to follow! 

Our long walk took us in a giant loop and we ended up back at the play park for an ice cream. 

A day at Rare Breeds always ends with the piglet race. Great entertainment where tou see 4 piglets with coloured spots on their bums chase 2 kids out the crowd up the hill. Then 8 other kids have to get their coloured pig back down to the pig sty. The first pair to get their pig down is the winner! Great fun to watch! Our pig (red) won 🙂

If you fancy a visit check out

Luv Kayley

Easter at Leeds Castle

Today has been another beautiful day in Kent! Not wanting to sit indoors we ventured to Leeds Castle where Nancy took party in the Easter Egg Hunt! 

The aim of the hunt is to find all the pictures on the woodland walk and count how many Easter themed objects are on the board. By finding them all and writing her numbers on her hunt for, Nancy won herself an egg! Happy Nancy!

As usual, Nancy also fed the ducks, spent a long time playing in the park (shoes full of sand) and ate a picnic! 

Everyone seemed to have the same idea as us today as it was quite busy, but Leeds castle has so much land you can get away if you want to. 

My favourite part is walking through the gardens in Spring as all the pretty flowers are out! 

We had a really lovely day in the sun! There was even ice cream 🙂 And even better is that when you buy tickets for Leeds Castle, you get to go ALL year!!

Luv Kayley


Disney on Ice 100 years of Magic

In June we will be returning to Disneyland Paris for Nancys birthday. To get her excited we decided to book tickets for us all to see Disney on Ice at Wembly Arena, London! 

Nancy was fully prepared in her Anna dress and she loved seeing all the other little girls also in their princess dresses. On arrival we scouted the souvenir desks. Nancy chose a wand that lights up (£20) and myself & JC chose a programme (£10) that Nancy could show the family and have a reminder of the show!

We had great seats at the back of the rink on the right hand corner. Plus on a lower tier which meant we could see everything! 

Throughout the show Nancy was singing and clapping! Her favourite scenes were all the Genies from Aladdin, all the Disney Princesses & Lion King! 

My favourite was either Finding Nemo as Dory was hilarious or the Green Soldiers from Toy Story! I was joyfully singing along for the while show! It literally was 100 years of song, happiness and magic in 2 hours!

The skaters were amazing! Some amazing lifts and jumps! There were 4 falls theoughout the show, all in the same spot! But the crowd were great and cheered them when they got up 🙂 How can you fall full force on your knee but get up and look so graceful as you carry on! Pros!

We had an amazing evening & are now ready for Disneyland Paris!

Luv Kayley


Pink Parcel February Edition

What do we receive in the post every month . . . . subscription boxes. And what do women also receive every month . . . their periods! so what better than a box that gets delivered a few days before your period each month. Inside each month is the toiletries you request, e.g. pads or tampons. Plus a selection of treats to help you relax and pamper yourself! Such a great concept!

It has taken me a while to subscribe (this was my first), but every month I have seen pictures from those who had already subscribed, and each month the boxes have got better and better!

February was an absolute cracker of a first box! Inside the main box is 3 smaller boxes and a little black fabric bag. The fabric bag is labelled ‘for now’ and contained some small day pads and some tampons. There is a small box labelled ‘for night’ which contains night pads. then 2 larger boxes. One was labelled ‘for later’ and contained more tampons. Lastly was a box labelled ‘for you’ and contained the below:


Yuyo Yerba Mint Tea – Nothing beats the bloat better than a mint tea! This particular tea is a mix of peppermint, lemon and garden mint. I drank mine whilst in a bubble bath!

Divine White Chocolate Bar – This nearly didn’t last long enough to get into the photo! I am a huge fan of white chocolate and had heard good things about Divine. Its not a Milkybar style white chocolate but taste a lot more luxurious.

Lavolia Fondant Lovelies – These very quickly followed the Divine bar! Sugar rush! In the pack was 3 individual sugar fondants each with their own flavour. I could see these being a cute little pillow treat in a posh hotel!

Ciate Paint Pot in amazing gracie – I have a few Ciate varnishes in my collection. Some large pots like this one and some small pots. I love the application brush as it is flat and wide, so 2 strokes and my nail is covered. amazing gacie is a very pale pink, just right for spring (when it arrives). I found that one coat gave a manicured look. But 2 coats gave is a solid pale pink colour!

Pom 925 Heart Hoop Necklace – This is a new jewellery brand, Peace of Mind 925, which is a UK based company who create delicate on-trend accessories! This dainty silver necklace has a silver ring on the chain and a small gold heart in the middle. Looks create with scoop neck tops.

Trifle Cosmetics Hydrating Body Lotion – Buttercream body lotion . . . I want to eat it! Literally smells too good to put on your body. However, it really helps to hydrate your skin. Its also a great travel size, so I have stashed it away for one of my work trips!

Vitamasque in Acai Berry – I love a face mask as you may have gathered from previous posts. Its great that they are everywhere at the moment. Vitamasque is another Korean brand that has come to the UK. The Acai berry had a great essence and made my skin super moist with a glow.

SoapNSkin Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts – Infused with lavender, lime and calendula oils then topped with dried lavender buds. Pink Parcel have really popped a lot of bath goodies in this months box. Again it smells amazing, which helps not only when its that time of the month, but also after a long day at work! bliss!

Merci Handy Toothpaste – This product was a shocker for me. I received a liquorice flavoured toothpaste . . . it smelled like Sambuca. Really? Its bad enough having that taste in your mouth after a night out, let along  waking up fresh and then putting that taste in your mouth. Sorry not for me.

Overall, I was mega happy with the February Edition. Even better was that it was my first box so only cost £6.99. Payments after the first go up to £10.50!

If your interested in trying Pink Parcel check out

Luv Kayley